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The International Super Cars Gathering ,  organized exclusively every year by   “Lancia Thema Club International” of Mirandola, Italy.


The Memorial Marco Turci, is an international event, dedicated to our friend Marco Turci, young Maseratista Mirandolese, who died in 2004 at the wheel of his Maserati  2.24 v.   

                 reserved for Owners of Super Cars and Vintage car high level , split into many categories :

2017 Edition , General Programm :

1) Usually non-competitive gathering of  VINTAGE CARS  and  SUPER CARS , 4 days of special place and guidated Tour, 19-22 OCTOBER  – Starting in Franciacorta Circuit, Brescia, Garda Lake, Mantua, Maranello, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, Carrozzeria Nuova GM – Mirandola, Cremona Circuit, Verona Arena Square, Padova, Ferrara, Carpi , Campogalliano ex Bugatti Factory , Maranello , San Martino in Rio Auto Museum, Finally Arrive in Carpi (The second Square in Italy for Extension).


Black line : Tuesday 19 October, Franciacorta Circuit(Brescia) – Mille Miglia Museum Brescia – Sirmione – Garda Lake

Red Line : Friday 20 October, Sirmione – Mantua – Maranello – Sant’Agata Bolognese – Funo fi Argelato – Mirandola.

Green Line : Saturday 21 October , Mirandola , Cremona Circuits – Verona Arena Square – Padova – Ferrara – Carpi.

Blue Line :  Carpi – Campogalliano ex Bugatti Factory – Maranello – San Martino Auto Museum – Finally Arrive in Carpi

900 km of the place in the Italian Motor Valley with  the traffic assistance to police escort.

volantino-inglese          volantino-inglese2


2) Usually non-competitive meeting of  VINTAGE CARS  and  SUPER CARS to SUNDAY 22 October, with the Presence of PAGANI AUTOMOBILI , and


p1230703        pagani          ferruccio-lamborghini-museo           logo_mmt - Copia          p1230706


150 km of special street , with traffic assistance to police escort.

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3) The First edition of  REGULARITY TOURIST RACE  in the national calendar Italian ACI -CSAI  , in collaboration with ACI – ACI-SPORT – ACI MODENA – ACI MANTOVA – CRONO MODENA – FERRARI DREAMIN ORGANIZATION – SCUDERIE MODENA HISTORICA –  150 km – 30 time trials and the traffic assistance to police escort.

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logo-1          mappa-percorso          ferrari-umberto-classicjpg

                      140 km of Road, and 30 cronometrate trials

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regolarita-turistica-modifica          regolarita-turistica-modifica22


4)  the first edition of CANNONBALL RUN 2017 , special meeting for SPORTS MODERN CARS, Saturday 21 October,  starting in  Arena Square in Verona saturday afternoon



 piazza-san-zeno2          cannonball-run-2017          arena-di-verona

250 km of pure adrenaline on the Best street and city of Veneto Region and Emilia Romagna Region, and arrive in the evening in the magnificent square of Carpi (Mo)  (the second place in Italy for extension) , organized with  Verona Garage , with traffic assistance to police escort.


5) with the collaboration and co-organization of the club Porsche official Italian registers 924-928-944-968, and Official Porsche Club Emilia Romagna, we will celebrate 40 years of the Porsche 928 at the event with the Official Dealers Porsche Bologna, Modena, Mantova , with traffic assistance to police escort.

Happy 40° Birthday Porsche 928 – Official Porsche Italian Event

porsche-registro-924          605437-1000-02x              bologna     modenaporsche     mantova

volantino-porsche-mmt-2017-1             119046.nuovo_logo_comune__colori._jpg             volantino-porsche-mmt-2017-2

150 km of magnificent streets and places, with traffic assistance to police escort.



We thank all participants agreed in the edition 2016, Sunday, October 16, for the great weekend spent together;
We as organizers , we did our best to accommodate this great number of cars, than 350 super cars and historical value, and for the 2017 edition, we will to improve even more, because the Memorial Marco Turci, become a classic meeting for all European fans.


2016 Edition Gallery – Some of Pics

019_memorialturci2016      P1230680      024_MemorialTurci2016     14711610_673973666098936_8131674881825947430_o

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030_MemorialTurci2016  14650525_10211298094598814_1986618137350730646_n 14720630_10209616816691216_288608322004538940_n  012_MemorialTurci2016


2017 Edition with the Support and Partecipation of :


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